Verdine White Performing Arts Center

Our goal is to assist musically talented students who may be at risk and living in underserved communities. In addition we take great pleasure in featuring young up and coming students who are being trained by many wonderful organizations and foundations already in existence.

The Verdine White Performing Arts Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization

Verdine White (pictured on left) is an American musician, best known as the bassist for Earth, Wind & Fire and the younger brother of band founder Maurice White. White is known for his high energy and dancing while playing during Earth, Wind & Fire concerts.

Verdine White

Bassist and founding member, Earth, Wind & Fire; founder of

Verdine White Performing Arts Center, a non profit organization that helps underprivileged and at-risk youth in underserved communities.

Our goal is to help kids who have musical talent by way of providing instruments, lessons, or scholarships.



Latest News

Sadowsky Guitars is honored to announce the release of the Verdine White Signature Bass. 

Sadowsky Guitars Releases the Verdine White Signature Bass

Verdine, the bassist for Earth, Wind & Fire, has been a Sadowsky artist for over twenty years. Based on Verdine's first Sadowsky bass, this addition to the NYC Satin Series has an undersized J-style body of chambered alder, PJ pickups, and a J-bass width neck (1.5” at the nut).

The Verdine White Signature Bass is a tribute to Verdine's late brother, Maurice White, and a portion of the proceeds from each bass will be donated to the non-profit Verdine White Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, California. The Center’s purpose is to assist musically talented students living in underserved communities. The Center provides scholarships, music lessons, and instruments. Sadowsky Guitars will donate two basses to the Performing Arts Center.

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